Rose of Jericho Blessings Plant

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Rose of Jericho, also known as "The Resurrection Plant" or "Dinosaur Plant" is commonly used for blessings and abundance. This magical little 'tumbleweed' grows in the desert and appears "dead" when it is dry, but once it hydrates it turns green and begins to open up to a charming plant. This death-to-birth represents the dying of an old part of your life and the rebirth of something new. This plant is wonderful for weddings, new jobs, new homes, or anywhere you'd like to see blessings and money growth.

You can also place coins or dollars into the water to "bless" your money.

Rose of Jericho should only be placed in a shallow dish of water for up to 7 days maximum before you allow it dry completely and "rest" 1-2 weeks before using it again for manifestation. If left permanently in water it will mold or rot. 

Think of this plant as your good luck charm. And treat her well. 

Plant sizes vary as they are a natural product. Typical sizes are 2-4" ball when dried. Typical time it takes for the plant to open is 4-8 hours. Spritz outer limbs to keep tips moist or trim.

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