Magical Bath Soaks - Queen of Hearts
Magical Bath Soaks - Queen of Hearts

Magical Bath Soaks - Queen of Hearts

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Queen of Hearts Magical Bath Soak - 4oz Tin with Rose Quartz

Magical Properties and intentions:

Milk - Fertility, Sensuality, Renewal, Abundance

Salt - Protection, Energy Cleansing

Roses - Queen of Love, Passion, Healing, Beauty


Draw a warm bath and dust this magical blend of flowers, milk and dead sea salt into the water. Watch as the clear water turns into a golden shimmer, full of intention and magic. A gorgeous sparkle of gold will be on the surface of the water to enhance the magical feeling of the soak while sensual rose will send you to a state of love and harmony. Milk is a wonderful skin hydrator in addition of it's lushness.

Comes with a Rose Quartz Stone to place on your alter or to make moon water (or whatever your witchy heart may desire.)

(Always be sure of any allergies before using herbs and flowers. ***CONTAINS MILK.)


Ingredients: Organic Milk, Organic Dead Sea Salt, Organic Rose Petals, color.


Includes: (1) 4oz Tin