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Collection: Smudge Sticks

Mother of Home Blessings

This collection is superior for cleansing your home of negative influence, tension, unhappy relationships. Bringing in abundance, blessings, and overall happy home health.


Rosemary is an element of air and fire. The energies this herb works well with is: remembrance, cleansing, strength, virtue, wisdom, protection, banishing, home, ancestors, love. Rosemary is so incredible even Shakespear wrote about it! "Rosemary, that's for remembrance." In Italy, Rosemary is said to grow near homes filled with strong women.

Florals bring the energies of friendship, honor, love, kindness, fortune and remembrance. They can also promote passion and fiery romance.

Warm, vibrant and refreshing. Invigorating aromatic that brings abundance and blessings.

SAGE - White 
Air and Earth element. Brings in wisdom, blessings, good fortune, clarity. Strong in fragrance and protection energy. Banishes evil or negative influence. Increases longevity.

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