Spiritual Home Cleansing - Door Washes with Sacred Herbs

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Sacred Herb Washing
The medicinal benefits of herbs is a long practice that is fairly well-known when it comes to healing what ails us physically, but a practice that is a little less mainstream is the practice of using herbs in our homes to cleanse energies and revive our spirits, with an added bonus of protection.
Why the front door?
It’s kinda simple.
The front door of our home is where we allow entry into our lives. Whatever (or whomever) is allowed to come inside your sacred space is given “permission” to be there — and unfortunately that can be damaging to your home’s good energy and overall spiritual health if the wrong energy is welcomed inside.
The most important part of this practice is setting your intention. Think of your intention as you begin to wash your door and entry. A simple blessing or desire for protection is a good start. Be sure to remove the cobwebs and any unwanted debris as this is part of the process in clearing unwanted energies. If you have created a simmer pot (or intend to use our premade washes) soak a natural fiber rag or sponge in the wash. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and only put good energy into your door washing practice. Quiet your mind and relax as you smell the pleasant aroma of the natural florals and barks and herbs.
Around the door frame you can ask the wash to protect your entry from evil, ill intentions, and negative influence. As you wash your doorknob ask for good energy to be welcomed into your home, blessings and kindness. Use a line of wash across the threshold or under a doormat as a ward (protection).
It is important to keep our front door in order at all times. If you’re experiencing any unwanted energies in your home, a door cleanse is a must!
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