Magical Moon Water - Recipe

Magical Moon Water - Recipe

During a moon phase such as New Moon or Full Moon, you can set out a jar of clean drinkable water to create Moon Water. The idea is to "charge" your water with the magical energies of the moon, which many revere as an incredible cleanse, protection, and blessings water. You can (if made safely) even drink the water or bath in it.

Remember, every practice will differ slightly. Some practices may place clear or rose quartz in the water, but for this recipe I am giving you the very basics.

I prefer the intended user to make the choice of adding stones, herbs, or crystals to your Moon Water, because only YOU can truly know what is compatible with your body for consumption. Please research any drinkable waters prior to adding stones, crystals or herbs. Never serve water to someone without making them aware of the ingredients or intentions used. 

Moon Water Recipe

You Will Need:

Glass jar with lid (Mason Jar works well)

Drinkable water (Spring preferred)

To make:

Fill your jar with drinkable water and secure the lid. Set your jar outside under the moon, in a secure area, such as a table, garden alter or tree stump. Allow the water to "charge" under the moon for several hours, or overnight if possible and safe (heat/weather conditions.)

Herbal ally: Mugwort, Peppermint, and Lavender.


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