Witchy Intentions & Exploration - Part 1

Witchy Intentions & Exploration - Part 1


Intentions & Exploration - Part 1

Why choose witchery? I think for everyone it is personal. For me, it's where I have always been rooted, even though I had no idea that this is what I was doing! As a kid I was just picking flowers and mixing pots of mud thinking I was playing pretend. But after becoming a mother I realized that I was not afraid. I had a gift within me to know how to soothe, how to heal, how to make remedy . . . but mostly not to be scared of sickness or little ones with needs. That feeling moved into nature and growing food, raising animals and just learning who I was at the root of my being.

I realized witchy business went beyond crystals and herbs. There was a reason why I could heal myself and my children and find peace and structure within my craft but those same remedies and practices would fail my friends who doubted nature, and mostly themselves. It taught me a firm lesson - this gift came from a higher place that required me to believe in more than what could be seen and felt with the 'naked eye', or what I had been told to believe. I am a person who has always looked inward for answers because I believe in my intuition and it has served me well because it allowed me to grow my ability without even knowing I was doing such a thing.

Once my eyes were open to this I was unable to go back to a place of happenstance. And that is where my roots began to grow in the practice of intention. To not allow my life to simply 'be' or 'happen' but to actively apply a purpose to the meaning and direction of the life I am meant to live and the children I have been appointed to guide, protect and pass knowledge unto.


Setting intention: Living with Purpose

You'll notice I always promote "You Are Magic" as our motto. My belief is that the changes required for a magical life resides in you. You are the one in charge of your craft, your happiness, your relationship, your fortune and choices. There is a voice that speaks to you, and my goal is for you to tap into that sound - grab hold of it - and breathe life into that powerful gift that reveals the magic inside of you. Herbs, crystals, goods, oils, candles - these are tools. You are the conductor. You decide how they function within your life.

There can be guidance, and I am here to offer that, but ultimately my purpose if to get you to a place of knowing your gift and how best to apply it into your daily life.

Try to be thoughtful about the selections you make. If you are working on spells or washes for love, try to think about what each element means as you apply it. For instance, honey is sweet. If I am trying to bring myself out of a funk, or if I am creating a wash to rid my home of anger / dark emotions, I add honey. I want to bring sweetness and healing into my home. To me, honey represents that. Firstly, It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, skill and a team to create the honey. The pay off is a rich, healing and sweet end product. To me that is a pure symbolism of what I'd be trying to achieve in that specific type of wash. So I definitely want that in there.

The soulful part of crafting that wash would be having those thoughts during my process. I have to create the "recipe" to heal that part of my life that causes sadness, anger. This is a therapy of many layers. I have to acknowledge and admit my feelings. I have to be aware and present in how it is impacting my life. I have to find a way to remedy those feelings and relationships without causing further harm or denying the problem. It puts me in a place of power. It makes me accountable. Crafting a cure is another therapy. It makes me think beyond myself. It makes me turn to the earth, to creation, to the miracles surrounding me and ask for help. It makes me appreciate the life and beauty that surrounds us. And then I trade anger for sweetness. Anger for abundance. and I am given an element that cares for me in my moment of need, never allowing me to feel lost or alone. Magic is surrounding. It is everywhere.

This type of practice makes you keenly aware of your surroundings and how important other energies are. How closely they play into our existence, and likewise how we play into the rest of the universe. Understanding that your life has impact is probably the most witchy magical thing you could ever do!



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