How to Wash With Moon Soap - Full Moon Bathing

How to Wash With Moon Soap - Full Moon Bathing

Full Moon Bath Ceremony

Bathing during a moon phase is symbolic of change. There can be many layers to this type of ceremony such as seeking fertility, healing, psychic ability, sex money, etc… but the rule to craft is that there are no rules. Practicing your craft is as much a type of wellness practice in spiritual health as it is in emotional health and physical and mental health. Self-care is self-care and it can be dressed in many colors and fabrics. You should always go with what your gut is speaking to you about — because your body knows you best.

A Full Moon phase is when we believe the moon is at her most powerful phase. You will find the most influence and energy during this time. Different times of the year may describe these lunar phases under various names (Wolf Moon, Pink Moon, Harvest Moon), but the main intention of strong energy remains.

To create a Full Moon ceremony bath, draw a bath and add salt to the water, 1-2 cups works fine, just be sure to use quality salt such as dead sea minerals or pink salt. Before you step into the water set your intentions by visualizing yourself literally placing your foot into the vision in your head as you take your step into the water.

Sink down into the water and allow yourself to be submerged as you keep the vision of your desire (money, love, passion, blessings, protection-etc) in your mind. Relax until the vision is clear and you feel positive energy when you think about this new moment in your life.

Apply your soap as you see the things of old (negative energies) wash away. Moon Chariot Soap is infused with Sandalwood ( a water element, moon sign) and pink salt, to represent the energies of the moon as you wash. Allow all of the water to drain and then rinse yourself in clean water, feeling all of your old troubles slide away from you. You can also rinse with Moon Water.

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